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Precision Nutrition




                             Collecting data that we can then target    


Dietary Analysis 

Using a Smartphone, iPad or computer you can send a file of your dietary intake to one of our expert specialist Dietitians who will then use a professional software package to crunch the numbers and find dietary weaknesses that can be targeted. 

Detailed charts can be created for you to view and analyse your vitamin, mineral and macronutrient (carbs, fats, fibre) intakes. Our Dietitians can then take steps to guide you with a view to optimising any abnormal finding.

You are provided with a detailed report on your dietary intake 

Genetic Analysis 

What was science fiction is now fact. Genomics is the study of your genetic makeup and it is a rapidly developing science that can look for genetic variants (mutations) that may have long-term impacts on your health. 

Precision Nutrition aims to target these nutrition-related mutations through dietary manipulation. As they say genes may load the gun but it is the environment that pulls the trigger. 

Your diet is a part of the environment that can help silence or trigger genes to create disease. 

You will be provided with detailed reporting and advice




The Gut Microbiome 

Your bowel has an estimated 100 trillion organisms. The makeup of these organisms can change after a single meal. The mix of organisms may be distrupted through diet, toxic elements in the environment, or disruptive changes caused by medications like antibiotics. 

Metagenomic sequencing can show the types of organisms in your bowel and the relative abundance of each organism. 

Shifts in bowel organisms may result in disease, feeling unwell, abdominal discomfort, diarrhoea or constipation and an impaired immune system.

The Activ8Health team will view this report from a dietary viewpoint to try and shift the mix to a far more normal and balanced makeup. Medications or natural treatments may be necessary if there are parasites or a severe dysbiosis (severe bowel organism imbalance). 

Detailed reporting and suggested management of abnormal results will apply

The Omega Lipid Profile: How inflamed are you? 

Inflammation drives the vast majority of diseases we suffer from. Deadly viruses like COVID-19 or Influenza will often kill by a Cytokine Storm due to a massive release of inflammatory molecules 

If you are primed for inflammation, you will be a risk for any dangerous virus and have a significant risk for cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, peripheral artery disease, Alzheimer's and vascular dementia, cancer, prediabetes or diabetes to name a few. 

Knowing your Omega-3 tissue levels and how high your Omega-6 levels are could make a world of difference to decreasing your level of risk. 

Laboratory Testing 

Blood, urine and other stool tests may be necessary to establish a range of medical conditions. 

Our Dietitians can order a number of functional laboratory tests for you but may need a doctor involved to organise some tests. Hopefully your doctor will want to help with an intensive and personalised cutting-edge dietetic approach but we plan to have a number of doctors associated with our Dietitians that could possibly assist. 

Our aim is to try and uncover diet-related issues that you may have long suffered from but never had diagnosed or managed.