Important information

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Dietary Analysis Steps

  1. Registration is necessary
  2. Broadcast your request to Dietitians waiting to process the order or ask your A8H practitioner to organise this test for you
  3. Download the Easy Diet App
  4. Add your dietary data - i.e. your food intake over 3 days
  5. After you have completed the 3 day diet history, send the file to your practitioner for analysis (the practitioner will guide you)
  6. Allow 2 - 3 weeks for the detailed analysis, interpretation and report
  7. Please note that the Dietary Analysis involves the Dietitian's input only to the extent of execution of the analysis, interpretation and and reporting.
  8. Any further discussion of these results will incur extra costs for time involved. This may be a consultation with your doctor or email/internet exchanges with the Dietitian. We have time-related package deals for payment. If you send your queries to the Dietitian, they can determine the time required to adequately address your queries and then guide you to the appropriate time package payment which you can find easily on this website or your practitioner can send you a link if you ask them.

Please note carefully

  1. Dietary Analysis involves assessing your dietary inputs and providing you with a detailed report
  2. A personalized diet is NOT a part of this Dietary Analysis fee

 Dietary Analysis Presentation