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Microba-MetaXPlore Plus Co-Biome RML Test

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This price includes two (x2) fees: 1. The laboratory testing fee and 2. The practitioner report. Knowing the organisms that exist in your bowel is one thing but placing that knowledge into the context of your diet is a whole different ball game! It makes sense to analyse your diet in detail and to then cross-reference how your personal diet has impacted on your gut microbiome.The whole gut microbiome can now be analysed using the 16S rRNA (ribosomal RNA) gene sequence to identify a multitude of organism in your bowel. It may unlock the mystery of why you are having ongoing bowel symptoms or immunity issues, but often these issues are inextricably linked to dietary factors. It is thus wise to have a Dietitian involved who can look at your results through the dietetic lens and advise on management strategies.