Your Gut Microbiome assessed by an Activ8Health Accredited Dietitian
---------------------Please remember the total fee paid = 1. The laboratory fee + 2. The practitioner reporting fee)-------------------------

Please note carefully

  1. Microbiome Analysis involves assessing your results and providing you with a detailed report
  2. A personalized diet is NOT a part of this Analysis fee

You can arrange for this test personally but if you don't have a medical or scientific background, trying to understand the report and then take action may be daunting. We are here to help you! Our accredited practitioners are available to view your results and then provide additional reporting and insights towards personalised ways of dealing with any abnormalities found.

Results have to always be placed in the context of the individual's medical and dietary background. The gut microbiome is powerfully affected by dietary factors. Understanding these factors could make all the difference between an optimally functional gut microbiome or a dysfunctional one. This is why we need to know what your dietary intake is through dietary analysis.

We have reached an age of technological wonders like the 16S rRNA (ribosomal RNA) molecule whose genetic sequence can identify organisms in your bowel that have never been grown in a laboratory. New species have been discovered using this short gene sequence that have never been cultured.

This test is done through one of our Accredited Practicing Dietitians (APD's) who has background training in the microbiome and can view the test results through a dietetic lens and this is important because your bowel organisms are inextricably linked to your dietary intake and having a diet that can either decrease problematic organism species or increase beneficial ones will be critical to achieving that optimal gut microbiome you are hoping for.

Included in the cost
Microbiome Analysis by Microba
  • The Microbiome Kit - Freight - Postage
Detailed Dietary Analysis Report
  • Using an App, you can enter your dietary intake details
  • A file will then be sent to the Dietitian and your intake analysed in Foodworks a professional software package
  • A full-report and interpretation is generated
The Microba report in the context of your diet
  • The Dietitian will view your Microba report and the result of your dietary analysis to see what can be done to shift your gut microbiome to a healthier state