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A8H Form Downloads

A8H Form Downloads



  • Just click the icon to download the file (PDF or Word Documents)
  • Enable Editing (Word Documents) - a yellow bar will appear at the top after download
  • Modify the fields as necessary
  • When you finish, 'Save As' a PDF with the clients name and date sent - e.g. JaneSmith18122017 (18th Dec 2017)
  Comprehensive Stool Analysis

Dietary Analysis Report

This is the report template to be used for modification

Changes are being made to this template regularly. DOWNLOAD A NEW FORM EACH TIME


Dietary Analysis Client Instructions

All the info your client needs to add data for a Dietary Analysis. Send this form after filling in a few fields


DNA Health Report

Nutrigenomic Client Report


Activ8Health Diet Plan-A Report

High in mainly vegetable and some fruit carbs. No starchy carbs. For fat loss, a lean body for the low to moderate exerciser who does not deplete their glycogen stores through constant intensive exercise (Use the Activ8Health Plan-B Diet for these clients)


Activ8Health Elemental Diet (ED)

Resting the bowel by decreasing oxidative stress from food processing and limiting food antigen exposure may make a world of difference for those suffering chronic bowel inflammation (Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS)

  Essential Amino Acid (EAA) Guide
(Exercise and Post-Exercise Consumption)

Holman Omega-3 and Lipids Practitioner's Report

-Tests will be ordered by a nominated practitioner. The lead practitioner will pay for the test. You will be notified that this has occurred.

-The client will receive a test kit or may have to go to a Laverty Laboratory for specimen collection. Find a Laverty Pathology Location

-Please follow-through to ensure the test has been carried out and that you provide a report in due course.


Email the form to:

  Microba Gut Microbiome Client Report

Order Form Research Nutrition August 2018

For use by the nominated practitioner to order the test, pay for it and then notify the practitioner that this has been paid for and to proceed ASAP once a test report has been completed on the client. The practitioner will then personalise this report.